Attn: New Authors of Fiction
and Non-Fiction Titles
If you have been considering ‘self-publishing,’ we can save you the $1,500 to $2,000 you would have to spend on cover design (avg. $750), interior layout (avg. $500), proofreading, editing and corrections (avg. $500). One alternative to these expenses is to use a ‘vanity’ press that offers a package deal that includes all the above, plus a few ‘free’ copies of your book, for about $1,000.00 – which is actually a come-on for their more expensive packages costing up to $2,000.00. Select non-fiction titles will also be accepted: use the "contact" link below in the GETTING STARTED section and comply with the requests stated there.
On the other hand, here are the services that Magic Lamp Press offers to novelists with fiction titles that pertain to Crime, Mystery, Detectives and/or the Law... and we don’t charge you anything. We are a real publisher, who will print your book and help you market it without you spending any money at all!
We are now accepting submissions in the above categories and offer our services – at absolutely no cost to authors whose manuscripts are accepted:
• Cover Design
• Interior Design
• Cursory Proofreading
Listing on
• Your book’s own separate E-Store website page
• Free listing on, linked to your book E-Store page/s
• Additional full-screen ‘out’ page, showing your book’s front & back covers
• ISBN barcode number assigned
• One printed ‘proof’ copy of your book, for final approval
• Routine e-mailing of actual sales stats from accounting pages
• Royalty payments made every quarter
If your crime, mystery, detective and/or law manuscript is between approximately 35,000 and 85,000 words [see section below on how to find the word count], we will request that you sent it to us printed out letter-sized [8½ X 11]. Single spaced, loose, numbered pages are preferred. You will be emailed an Acknowledgement of Receipt when your manuscript arrives at our offices. NON-REQUESTED PACKAGES CONTAINING MANUSCRIPTS ARE DISCARDED, UNOPENED.
Your manuscript will be examined by our staff, and you will be informed if the content meets our submission standards. If it is accepted for publication, we will request that it be emailed to us as an attached PC Microsoft Word file, so that pre-printing operations can be performed.
A cover will be designed that relates to your book and conforms to our organization’s image. The interior will be formatted, an ISBN number will be assigned, and one printed proof will be sent to you for approval.
If you have a preference for the background graphic that will appear under the front cover title/text, you may submit it to us as a .pdf file and if we feel it appropriate, we will do our best to incorporate it into the cover design of you book. You can see many of the covers we have had designed at
Please note that the interior of the book will be printed in black and white, so pictures on interior pages will not look as good as they do on your computer screen.
Unlike numerous vanity presses offering to help you ‘get published’ by taking your money and then counting on you to be their main customer at a high book price, we do not make empty promises of large royalty payments on quantity sales.
Each of your titles will have its own distinct E-Store website page that you can direct your prospective readers to, and will also be listed on our main website. Book sales will depend on your marketing abilities, plus our SEO [Search Engine Optimization] efforts to maximize our website exposure on search engines.
Please visit one of our E-stores at and note the link offered under the book’s cover graphic. It directs readers back to our main website at, where your book will also be listed, with a link to your book’s E-Store website page.
Once your E-Store page is up and running, you can direct all of your own website visitors there to purchase your book. It is to your financial benefit to direct customers to your website or directly to each E-Store where your title/s are offered for sale. We do not sell or ship books directly. All orders are processed and shipped by CreateSpace, a division of
When one of your books is ordered, it is printed to order and shipped to the customer. Magic Lamp Press is then notified that a royalty is forthcoming.
Depending on word-count, your book will be printed as either a 5” X 8½” or 6” X 9” trade paperback, with a suggested retail price of $19.95 and will be offered for sale in several places:
    a) On your own E-Store page at Amazon’s CreateSpace
    b) As a regular listing
    c) On our website at
    d) On your own website. If you don’t have one, we can build one for you
Magic Lamp Press does not play games with authors by having a dozen various confusing plans, like a cellphone provider. We pay a flat royalty for each book sold, with only one factor taken into consideration: whether your book is sold through your E-Store page or from a regular page.
We will link to your E-Store page from our websites (as you should do in all of your own marketing efforts, business cards, personal/business emails, etc., etc.), and for every book sold from your E-Store page, you will receive a 20% royalty of $4.00.
For every one of your books sold through the regular page (due to Amazon’s marketing efforts and not because a customer was sent there by you or us), you will receive a 15% royalty payment of $3.00.
As shown below, each sales report we receive from Amazon/CreateSpace shows results for one book.
On the illustrated specimen sales report, the ‘Proofs’ column indicates copies we purchased to make sure the cover and interior designs were aligned properly. We made several corrections prior to our giving a final approval, ordering proofs 4 different time to make corrections before finally signing off on it.
If this was a report for one of your titles, then you would have earned $52.00 in royalties during the first quarter of 2008: there were (10) E-Store sales @$4 royalty each, and (4) regular sales @$3 royalty each. No royalty payments are earned on proof copies ordered by us or copies purchased by you.
Detailed Accounting Report for
New Author’s First Mystery Title
(first quarter of 2008)
If you have some local bookstores, gift shops, supermarkets, or other sales outlets you would like to solicit, you can buy copies of your own book at a 65% discount off of the suggested retail price [your cost will be only $6.98 per book (plus shipping)]. This low Author’s Purchase Price leaves a nice margin for profit, because even if you allow a generous 45% discount to a re-selling store (their cost: $10.98), there is still a profit to you of $4.00 per book – on a wholesale sale! ... The same amount you receive on a retail sale through your E-Store.
Keep in mind that there is no minimum purchase from us. You can order one book, or 100 books. The $6.98 price remains constant, but with current shipping prices as high as $6.00 for one book [the first pound costs the most] you would be better off spreading the delivery cost between at least 10 books in a shipment. For example: shipping 1 book from California to New York via UPS ground costs $5.90, but shipping 10 of them costs only $10.71 (current rates in effect). As you can see, the difference when ordering 10 lowers the shipping cost per book from $5.90 down to $1.07. To ship 50 books would cost $39.18, or only about 79¢ for each book.
To find the word count of your manuscript, open it up in PC Microsoft Word and press the following three keys on your keyboard: “Alt,” “F,” and then “I.”
If you followed the above instructions, you should see a dialogue box with five tabs to choose from. Click on the one that says “Statistics,” and you will see a group of numbers, one of which (“Words” – usually the fourth one down) will give you the word count of your manuscript.
The more of your books that are sold, the more money you earn. It is therefore very important that you do everything in your power to publicize the availability of your book/s.
Once an E-Store page is established for your title, you should make every effort to get the word out about it. Some suggestions are: contacting alumni associations, adding the E-Store URL to your business cards, stationary and e-mail signature, small local advertising, an e-mail campaign to everyone you know, offering to do a book-signing at a local bookstore or other retail establishment, a local radio interview, etc., etc.
The marketing bible for authors and small presses is John Kremer’s 700-page book 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, and we strongly suggest that you order a copy from Amazon. Just go to their website at and insert Kremer’s ISBN number of 091241149X into the search block: you will then be directed to his book’s page... or click here.
Magic Lamp Press is a member of PMA, the Publishers Marketing Association (recently renamed the Independent Book Publishers Association). They send out several mass mailings a year to the purchasing agents of 3,900 libraries, as well as other mail-outs to reviewers, bookstores and distributors. If you want to participate in a mailing, we will assist you in putting the material together.
You can visit PMA’s website at to see the marketing benefits we receive with our membership and can arrange to have you included in. Once you get your first couple of books published by us, you may wish to join PMA yourself. The last time we checked, individual membership started at $175 per year, so you might want to wait until your career gets rolling, and start out by utilizing their benefits through our membership.
If your book sells extremely well and attracts an offer from a major publishing house, the average ‘high’ royalty paid per book is in the neighborhood of 17%. This means that you might be receiving as much as $3.75 per retail sale of your $25 hardcover book – but major publishing houses don’t sell retail: they sell to distributors at a greatly discounted price, which reduces your royalty amount to a number lower than what you receive by directing sales to your own E-store page. The only advantage with a major publisher is that there would probably be a small advance and more sales for a short while. However even if you do get published elsewhere, per our Agreement, the book will continue to be marketed by us on Amazon’s CreateSpace in perpetuity, because as you probably know, what ‘goes on’ the Internet ‘stays on’ the Internet.
If your title takes off and you want to have larger amounts printed using the ‘offset’ method at a much lower cost (probably less than $3 each), you are free to do so: your Agreement with Magic Lamp Press (set forth on this website) is completely non-exclusive; we will even suggest printers for you to use and urge you to join the largest independent publisher association, to help you with marketing.
Send an email to me at contact the editor with the title of your book, the page-count, the genre (crime, detective, mystery, etc.), and provide a telephone number where you can be reached during the day. Please also add a brief synopsis (one paragraph maximum) about the book, plus a few sentences about yourself (any other books written, your background, what you do for a living, etc., etc.), and how you plan to ‘push’ sales of your book/s.
If your manuscript is accepted and we find a number of typographical or other errors in it, we will either correct them at no charge to you, or return the ‘marked’ manuscript for you to make them before re-submitting it back to us.
Please also be advised that you must warranty that you hold all rights to the submitted manuscript and will hold Magic Lamp Press harmless (and will defend and indemnify) any actions for copyright violations brought about by our printing your manuscript.
If your book is rejected by us, there will be absolutely no charge to you and instead of sending out a ‘form rejection letter,’ we will do our best to explain why the title was rejected and offer some suggestions as to how you might bring it up to an acceptable level.
To get some idea of what your finished book will look like, we suggest that you purchase** at least one book from our many E-Stores. In addition to the one suggested at the beginning of this website (, other good examples are at and  This will let you see how we lay out a typical interior, with the front and back cover designs.
If you purchase one or more books from our E-Store pages as suggested above, and then participate in our publishing program, the entire price you paid for every one of those books will be rebated to you in the form of a discount off of your own author-purchased books.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We look forward to adding your title/s to our growing list of books and working with you as a contributing author.
Gene Grossman, editor in chief