Single Jeopardy
        This is the first of a 13-book series featuring attorney Peter Sharp and his legal ward Suzi, a 12-year-old computer genius who is the real brains behind Peter's court victories and crime-solving successes.
        In his first outing, Peter gets framed, involved in a ground-breaking tort case of Negligent Nymphomania, and finds himself romantically linked with a killer’s girlfriend.
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 -  A Peter Sharp Legal Mystery by Gene Grossman
        Peter Sharp defends a man accused of a capital murder that was captured on videotape.  To make matters worse, the client confessed to the police and wants to plead guilty.  
        The District Attorney has brought in a special prosecutor for the trial: Peter's ex-wife Myra.  Peter also gets involved representing Vinnie, the prolific, peeing pornographer.
 -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #2  by Gene Grossman Reason of Sanity
        Peter represents an alleged car-bomber accused of a string of grisly murders.  He is also suspected of being part of a conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States during an upcoming Fourth of July parade.  In the finale, Suzi makes her first official court appearance, holds a press conference, and becomes a local television hero.
 -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #3  by Gene Grossman
        Suzi once again saves Peter’s case by finding the connection between two crimes that take place in different parts of the State, one of which Peter gets arrested for.
        This double murder mystery comes to a shocking conclusion that involves a mafia hit man, revengeful drug dealers, a local police chief, and the ever-popular FBI.
 -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #4  by Gene Grossman
Conspiracy of Innocence MORE DETAILS ...Until Proven Innocent
        A dock neighbor of Peter’s is charged with murder — a suspended police officer with a known dislike for people of the victim’s skin color.
        Peter also gets involved with a hopeful “Miss Right,” represents a 500-pound phone-sex operator, uncovers a white supremist organization, and breaks up a DVD-pirating operation.
 -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #5  by Gene Grossman
        Peter’s client has amnesia and doesn’t even know his own name.  But, video surveillance footage establishes client’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
        While working on this impossible case, Peter starts to give a series of lectures to law students who are preparing for the Bar exam, and one of them, along with Suzi, helps Peter with his case.
 -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #6  by Gene Grossman
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        Attorney Tom McGuire must defend his client against a charge of carjacking and murder, rescue a proctologist-turned-plastic surgeon, and battle with the Federal Witness Protection Program.
        If that isn't enough to keep him busy, he runs into a bogus Indian tribe and some environmentalists who are trafficking in ancient burial remains.
 -  by Jonathan Schwartz
        In his third adventure, Attorney Tom McGuire is informed that someone has stolen his identity and used it to buy a brand new Lincoln Navigator SUV on credit.  He asks for help from retired Mafiosi he met while a federal prosecutor, wiseguys who now run an Italian delicatessen in West Los Angeles, and he winds up neck deep in a drug-smuggling operation.
 -  by Jonathan Schwartz
        Caviar Crimes opens with attorney Tom McGuire on stage in a club pursuing his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian.  A disturbance in the audience leads to the revelation that his girlfriend Maria's client is the aged relative of a man in big trouble with the FBI.  Tom reluctantly represents the man and finds himself face to face with the Russian Mafia.
 -  by Jonathan Schwartz