Yes, it is possible to pick up women at a funeral, and Dr. Nick Shoveen, Ph.D., explains the proper approach... and he speaks from experience.
        Dr. Shoveen also gives time-proven successful methods to use at: The Market, The Bookstore, The Department Store, Weddings, and general systems that can work anywhere.
 -  by Dr. Nick Shoveen, Ph.D.
        There is no better preparation for being married than reading this book.  Marie Amber and Osborn Kerr are so much in love they can't wait for their 18-month engagement to conclude in marriage.
        However, no matter how much in love these two people are, they can't insulate themselves from the realities of marriage.  Little by little, the responsibilities they never planned for creep into their lives.
 -  by May Edginton

        Unlike many other books that merely provide definitions for a list of words and phrases, Dr. Shoveen goes behind the words that many women use to decode the hidden meanings.
        Successful use of the Shoveen method of verbal self-defense levels the playing field and gives men a chance to survive in a relationship.
 -  by Dr. Nick Shoveen, Ph.D.
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