About our Audiobooks

Thanks for visiting my website and for showing an interest in the audiobooks offered here.

They've all been recorded to's high audio standards, and three of our four narrators are experienced professional that I'm sure you've heard before if you're into audiobooks. I'm the fourth narrator, because I found it difficult to trust my characters to a stranger… especially the lawyer, his ex-wife, and the dog… but not because Peter Sharp is anything like me - other than being a lawyer that lives on a yacht and has a bitter ex-wife - but because he's over 6' tall, muscular, in his early 40's, women find him attractive, and he has a full head of hair.

During the recording sessions we not only used different narrators with each doing all the character voices by themselves, but on two of them we brought in some female actors for the ex-wife and little Suzi voices, and on others we started using some very brief musical tidbits (that the trade calls 'cues') to signify ends of chapters, and a few other minor things… all created by Joe Renzetti, a dear friend and Academy Award film composer who has contributed to every type of movie and TV show from Horror (Child's Play, Poltergeist III, Tales From the Crypt) – to Musicals (Buddy Holly Story, Idolmaker, Elvis), to Comedy (Fatso, Under the Rainbow), and even though he'll probably never admit it, I like to think that I played a part in motivating him to create a wonderful website ( and service to filmmakers and storytellers in other media, on which he offers hundreds of 'cues' that can be used to enhance their projects.

The reason I talk so much about Joe is because he's agreed to accept my offer to use our audio recording of the Common Law – Peter Sharp Mystery #6 as a platform to show how the cues can help an audiobook.

I've trusted him to add as much music as he wants to and will welcome comments from the people who have downloaded it. There's a Contact Gene page on this website from which you can let me know your thoughts about any feature of any book you order through this website – whether it's in audio or print, and I'll try to respond to as many of them as I can… but please be polite – even with your complaints.