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DVD VOLUME 2: (lessons 5 – 8)

Lesson 5: Review of the more than 50 signs in lessons 1, 2, 3 and 4
     Practice dialogue in this lesson: yesterday was wonderful; why was yesterday good?; because I saw the baby smile; why did she smile?; because I was playing the piano; I love it when you play the piano; thank you, I love to play the piano; you play the piano and the baby becomes happy, but when I type she cries; yes, it’s better to play the piano

Lesson 6: “Weather – Part 1”
     Some signs in this lesson: rain, yes, night, morning, show, no, baby, yesterday, want, why, because, cry, warm, wind, become, think, cold, not, happy, feel

     Some dialogue in this lesson: last night it rained a lot; yes, the baby cried; because there was a strong wind; I thought it was snowing; it was very cold, but it did not snow; yes, it became warm in the morning; I’m glad it’s not snowing; why are you glad it’s not snowing?; because I don’t want to feel cold

     Fingerspelling words: DIB, DID, BED, DEB, BIBE, ID, BE, BEE, EBB, DIE, BIDE, ED

Lesson 7: “Weather – Part 2”
     Some of the signs in this lesson: sun, like, day, rain, also/too, and, not, cloud, warm, today, flood, fog, become, lightning, tornado, cool, cold, happy, maybe, rainbow

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: today is sunny; I like sunny days; me too… and I like rain; I do not like lightning; I like it cloudy, foggy and cool; you probably liked it yesterday… it was cold and rainy; I’m glad it became warm

     Fingerspelling practice words: FIG, DIG, GIG, GID, IF, ID, FI, DIFF, GIFF

Lesson 8: “Family” [“Family - Parts 2 & 3” are lessons 18 & 19]
     Some of the signs in this lesson: father, mother, parents, love, travel will, man, what, woman, husband, wife, person, people, good, my, they, who, see, family, with, want

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: my mother and father want to travel; what do they want to see?; the world; who will they travel with?; my father’s mother; good – they love to travel; yes, my family loves to travel

     Fingerspelling words: ID, HI, DOOR, DO LO, LID, DID, DILL, DOLL, HILL, HOLD

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