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DVD VOLUME 6: (lessons 21 – 24)

Lesson 21: “Golf”
      Some of the signs in this lesson: yesterday, you, father, practice, improve, my, play, golf, fun, win, agent, lose, but, can, why, because, er/est, better

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: yesterday I played golf; was it fun?; yes, but I lost; why didn’t you win?; because my father won; is he a better player?; yes, he’s a good player; oh well, you can practice with him; yes, it’s fun playing with my father; and your golf improves

     Fingerspelling words: OK, KO, LOO, COO, LOCK, LOOK, COOL, COOK, CLOCK

Lesson 22: “Fruits and Colors”
      Some of the signs in this lesson: red, yellow, green, purple, orange, apple, banana, peach, grape, which, why, want, love, store, buy, me, you, it, we, please, baby, else, go to, for

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: I’m going to the store; why are you going to the store?; to buy apples that are red; oh, please buy bananas, oranges and peaches; anything else?; yes, grapes for the baby. she loves grapes; do you want grapes that are purple, or green – which?; please buy grapes that are purple; I want grapes that are green; O.K., buy grapes that are purple and green

     Fingerspelling practice words: OK, BOOK, BACK, BAA, COOK, CAB, COB, CLOCK

Lesson 23: “Emergency Signs”
      Some of the signs in this lesson: you, he, me, she, there, look for, tell, ride, wrong, sick, hospital, hurt/pain, police, fire, fire station, doctor, ambulance, telephone, need, help, near, thank you, hurry, wait

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: do you need help?; yes. I’m looking for the hospital; it’s right down there; a policeman told me to take the bus to the hospital; that’s the hospital near the fire station; thank you. I need to hurry; what’s wrong? Are you sick?; yes, I need a doctor. I’m in pain; wait here, I’ll call an ambulance; thank you, that’s O.K., I’ll take the bus

     Fingerspelling practice words: BUS, OK, BOOK, SUB, BOOKS, BOSS, BOO SOB

Lesson 24: “Furniture”
      Some of the signs in this lesson: furniture, couch, chair, rocking chair, table, floor, want, have, I, you, sit, we, why, already, with, new, old, color, expensive, white, black

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: I want a new color TV; that’s expensive. I want a new couch; do you want a black and white TV?; yes, and two chairs; we already have a rocking chair; that’s so old. I want new chairs; why new chairs? The table and other furniture are old; well, you can sit on the floor

     Fingerspelling practice words: TO, TV, ROE, ROVE, VOTE, TEE, VEE, VETO, ROTE

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