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DVD VOLUME 7: (lessons 25 – 28)

Lesson 25: Review of lessons 21, 22, 23, 24

     Practice dialogue in this lesson: yesterday I went to the store; after the store, where did you go?; I went to the hospital; did you need help?; no. I went to see my mother; is she sick?; no, she works at the hospital; that’s right. I called her today, she wasn’t at home; well, you can call her at the hospital; OK, I’ll call her now

Lesson 26: “Decoder”
      Some of the signs in this lesson: me, you, it, dad, mom, used to, never, see, often, buy, want, watch, can, understand, some, show, caption, decoder, box, also, more, how

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: do you want to buy a decoder for the TV?; yes, mom wants one; then she can watch TV and understand; dad can watch too; they never used to watch TV; now they watch more often; decoders caption some shows; I want more shows captioned; me too; let’s buy a decoder now

     Fingerspelling practice words: TO, VOO, OK, TOOK, TOOT, K.O., TOTO

Lesson 27: “TTY/Telephone”
      Some of the signs in this lesson: T T Y, yesterday, now, can, have, many, deaf, people, also, and, use, type, mother, with, happy, friend, me, you, hospital, place, telephone

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: yesterday your mother telephoned; she called with a TTY; I’m happy your mother can call us; I’m glad we have a TTY; yes, we can call our friends, too; and many hospitals have TTYs; now deaf people can call many places; yes, they can type, using the telephone

     Fingerspelling practice words: TTY, TDD, TOY, DO, TO, TOT, DOT, TOTO, TODDY, ODD, YOYO

Lesson 28: “Vehicles”
     Some of the signs in this lesson: boat, sailboat, rowboat, car, motorcycle, bicycle, train, airplane, ride in, friend, I, you, she, to, why, water, buy, have, yes, for (the purpose of), and, really, also

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: my friend has a boat; a sailboat, or a rowboat?; a sailboat; oh, does she have a car?; yes, and a motorcycle; really! does she have a bicycle too?; yes, she bicycles to the train; why does she go to the train?; to go to the water; why does she go to the water?; to sail

     Fingerspelling practice words: SUB, BUS, FUSS, BUB, FUSE, BUSSES, BUFFS, FUSSES

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