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DVD VOLUME 8: (lessons 29 – 32)

Lesson 29: “Beauty Parlor/Occupations”
     Some of the signs in this lesson: beautician, another/other, what, interpreter, true, good, doctor, my dancer, students, how, teacher, dentist, salesperson, become, lawyer

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: many of my students want to become teachers; really. what do they want to teach?; well, four want to teach salespeople; teach them how to sell better?; yes, and another wants to teach law; hmmm. three of my students are dancers; oh, do they want to teach to dance?; yes. one does, the other two don’t; my best student wants to become an interpreter; good. my best student wants to interpret for doctors and dentists

     Fingerspelling practice words: JOB, SEE, JO, JOE, BOB, BE, BEE, BREES, BOSS, SOB, SOBS, JOBS

Lesson 30: Review of lessons 26, 27, 28 & 29

Practice dialogue in this lesson: yesterday my doctor bought a telephone for his car; wow! I want a car telephone too; the doctor needs to call the hospital, do you?; no… does he have a telephone for his boat?; no… he does have a TTY at home; why does he have a TTY?; his mother is deaf; oh yes, she calls often calls him; (and) he often calls his mother; it’s good that they can use the telephone

Lesson 31: “Family Vacation”
      Some of the signs in this lesson: father, mother, child, sister, grandpa, brother, grandma, family, cousin, niece, nephew, daughter, drive, to, Arizona, vacation, travel, same/too, son, from

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: my mother and father are here; yes, they drove here from Arizona; my sister and her children are here; she has two sons; we have a daughter; yes, the children are cousins; her sons are our nephews; our daughter is her niece; they have the same grandma and grandpa; we are a family

     Fingerspelling practice words: GO, DO, DOG, GOD, DIG, DIE, GIG, ID, DODGE, GEODE

Lesson 32: “Vacationing”
      Some of the signs in this lesson: many, fish, but, all, enjoy, fishing, nephew, niece, love, fun, my, family, travel, true, camp/tent, eat, home, vacation, together/with, much happy, more

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: I’m glad we took a vacation with your family; we certainly travelled a lot; I enjoyed fishing with my nephews; yes, camping was so much fun; we caught lots of fish; we sure ate lots of fish; it’s more fun to eat fish I caught; that’s true, and my family loves to travel; we all love to travel; that’s true, but I enjoy being home

Fingerspelling practice words: HONE, EWE, WOW, WON, WOE, ONE, NOW, OW, OH, WE, NON, NOON, WOO

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